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Guarding your home against invaders takes more than locking your doors and installing a security system. Although people often think of the big threats to their families, more often than not, the more common threats come in a much smaller form. Pests are tiny invaders that can get inside without our notice. Once they move in, though, they’ll begin to make themselves known by damaging your house, making a mess, or even making your family sick.

To protect your family from pests and the problems they cause, you need Guardian Exterminating Company. We’ve been guarding Danville homes against pests since 1983 and are committed to exceeding your expectations through our excellent pest control services in Danville with pricing you can afford.

Our Home Pest Control

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Over the years, Guardian Exterminating Company has developed several pest control programs to service our customers with Integrated Pest Management. The concept is to prevent pest activity before it happens.

Approximately 75% of residential pest infestations occur due to perimeter pests entering the house. The remaining 25% come into the house on groceries, furniture, plants, or other items. With monitoring and preventative treatments, you can quickly address insect infestations or stop them before they start. Our expert exterminators will be able to prevent pests from entering your home with our integrated approach to pest management.

We will take care of all your pest control needs, whether you have pests already in your house or want to stop them from getting inside. We will provide you with an estimate for our services right over the phone when you first contact us. When we visit your home, we’ll perform an inspection if needed, then provide pest control services tailored to your home’s pest control issues. We offer one-time, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, and semiannual treatments, depending on your needs.

Our Other Home Services

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Our general home pest control provides the treatments you need to protect your home from most pests in the Danville area. We also offer a few other home services. These include:

Our lawn care services in Danville not only keep weeds away but also provide protection from various insects, grubs, and even mosquitoes. If you have a rodent or termite problem, our rodent and termite programs will take back your home from these damaging pests. Click on the links above to learn more about each service option.

Our Home Pest Control Process

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We’ll provide you with a free estimate right over the phone. If necessary, we’ll also inspect conducive conditions, entry points, signs of activity, and more.

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We professionally design our treatments for your home’s needs. We’ll not only deliver the services you need to get rid of pests but protect your home from new infestations.

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Follow Up

Routine follow-up treatments can be monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, or semiannually. These services ensure your home’s continued pest protection.

We’ll Guard Your Home Against Pests

With over 85 years of combined experience in the pest control industry and a commitment to ongoing training to ensure we always provide you with the most effective service possible, Guardian Exterminating Company is the natural choice for all of your home’s pest control needs. If you want service from a family-owned company that puts our customers first, call us now! We look forward to solving your pest problems.

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