Why Spiders Invade Somerset Homes And How To Keep Them Out


While not even close to the boogeyman of horror movies and urban folklore, certain species of spiders can be dangerous to humans and our four-legged friends. The fangs of spiders are not long enough to pierce human skin, and the poison they carry won't harm anything larger than a bug, but in the United States, the brown recluse and black widow can produce a painful and dangerous bite.

In nature, spiders take on the role of pest control specialists, keeping down the populations of disease-spreading insects such as ticks, mosquitoes, and fleas. There are over ten tons of spiders for each living human. Thankfully, under normal circumstances, spiders have no interest in being anywhere close to us, but if their food supply moves into your home, they'll follow.

Let's take a look at the different spiders common to our state. We will also cover how to prevent spiders from making their way into your home and where to look if you need pest control in Somerset.

The Types Of Spiders That Invade Area Homes

There are thousands of spider species in the world, with hundreds of different arachnid types calling Kentucky home. Thankfully, only a few species are common around our homes, such as:

  • Orb-weaver spiders
  • Cellar spiders
  • Cobweb spiders
  • Purseweb spiders
  • Wolf spiders
  • Orchard spiders
  • Brown recluse spiders
  • Black widow spiders

Only the last two pose a serious threat to humans, with a venom dangerous enough to cause permanent harm.

Some Spider Bites Are More Dangerous Than Others

While most spiders are not only harmless, they are greatly beneficial to the environment around us; however, the last two on the list above are pretty nasty creatures. Brown recluse venom is cytotoxic and hemolytic, attacking both blood vessels and the tissue around the bite site. A brown recluse will often result in necrosis, the death of the tissue around the bite, and will very commonly get infected. Brown recluse venom is more than a dozen times more dangerous than the venom of a rattlesnake but does not cause significant damage in most instances, thanks to the minuscule amount injected during the bite.

Black widow venom works differently. It attacks the nervous system, causing severe pain and nausea. While it's unlikely to kill an adult human, it's still a great idea to seek medical attention if bitten by a black widow.

How And Why Spiders Find Their Way Into Our Homes

Spiders are dedicated predators, going strictly where their prey goes. They don't care much for the comfort of your home (spiders produce a substance that allows them to avoid feeling the effects of freezing temperatures and stay active in the cold) or the Rice Krispies® in your pantry.

To keep spiders out of your Somerset home: 

  • Seal cracks in the outer walls.
  • Make sure the window and door screens are in good shape.
  • Don't stack firewood next to house walls.
  • Get rid of clatter on the outside and inside of your home.

The most important step you can take to make spiders lose interest in your home is to eliminate the bugs they're following.

Professional Pest Control Is A Great Spider Control Solution

At Guardian Exterminating Company, our experienced technicians have extensive training in identifying the types of spiders that could be infesting your house. They will design a species-specific approach to clear them out and avoid a reinfestation.

Reach out today if you have a spider infestation, and learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Somerset. We'll be sure to show them the door.

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